Bronze Marble Statue Indian Native American Warrior Art Nouveau Deco

Bronze Marble Statue Indian Native American Warrior Art Nouveau Deco
Condition: This sculpture is in perfect  condition. Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:Height 18" x Width 6" Marble Dimensions: Diameter 66". Height without base: 16" Weight : 13 LBS Inventory : 26B0595962  

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A fierce Native American women prepares to hunt. She stands tall with
bravery, silent confidence and stunning beauty on a grassy hill top.
Her full eagle-feather and beaded war bonnet covers her head. The
feathers round  her head, fully extended upright. A beaded choker
covers most of her neck. A gun belt is slung over her hips, with a
pistol in the holster and extra bullets lining her waistline. Long
cloth hangs between her thighs in the front and back, leaving the
length and curve of her legs exposed. A beaded vest covers the front
of her chest but leaves her sides and back bare, showing off her
slender frame. She holds a long rifle to her side with her free hand
tucked behind her, resting on her rear.  Her thick, wavy mane hangs
loosely from the back of her war bonnet, down her back. She wears
boots that raise to her calves and tie around the front with a rope.
This is a woman that stands behind no man but beside them. Her
accessories are in a green patina and her skin and boots  are in a
brown patina. 100% bronze and handmade, this sculpture was cast using
the “Lost Wax Method” and is mounted on a round black marble base,
signed by the artist Milo.

World famous sculptor "Milo" is the artistic partner of the Lynn
Forbes School of Sculpture—and is offering an exclusive signature in
the wax of every piece of his items that is Custom Cast with European
Bronze Finery. In effect it makes EACH SCULPTURE an ORIGINAL since
each one is different than the next (similar to a Limited Edition).
Again, Milo—our partner—IS THE ORIGINAL SCULPTOR of this incredible
work of art. Milo was born in Paris in 1939; Milo lived most of his
childhood in Andalusia, Spain. Influenced by an artistic family
background, he began sculpting at the age of seventeen. After
apprenticing with several accomplished sculptors both in America and
Spain, he began his own work focusing equally on steel and bronze.
Horses and other animals were a natural direction of his work to
follow. Surrounded by horses as a child and witnessing the fighting
bulls of Spain gave him an instinct for the inherent drama of these
animals. Combining a special cement mixture with steel has allowed him
the fluidity of metal with the timelessness of stone. This process
enables him to capture the essence of the animal's nature. The
characteristic rough texture and movement of line make Milo work.